1. How often should I have my equipment serviced?

Both heating and cooling equipment should be inspected, serviced, and cleaned at least once a year. We recommend at the beginning of a new season to ensure that you don’t have more problems down the road. At Delaware Valley HVAC we can Inspect filters, clean components, tighten electrical connections and adjust blower components.

4. I hear sounds coming from my HVAC unit, is this a problem?

Any noise that is different than normal coming from your HVAC system is a cause for concern. The abnormal sound could be something simple or it could be a major issue that needs addressed to prevent major damage and cost.

5. How do I know it’s time to replace my HVAC unit?

It’s important to know when to replace versus repair your current HVAC system. You should know that more recent HVAC units have been made with updated technology that can greatly improve the energy efficiency in your home. Also, if you are needing constant repairs, or if it seems to break down every time you really need it-replacing your HVAC system might bring you a better return on investment. For more information, please call Delaware Valley HVAC and we will help you decide what is right for you.

6. How can I help control my heating and cooling costs?

It is important to make sure you change your filters about once a month, as well as using better value filters. Also, if you keep your thermostat at conservative temperature without switching it up too often, this should help.

7. How often should I replace my HVAC Air Filters?

At Delaware Valley HVAC, we recommend you change them at least every 1-3 months. This can depend on usage, so be sure to ask us on our next visit what we think would be best for your home.
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